Im tired of missing u everyday .
U promised me to keep loving me then why do you change sayang?
What made u ?
Is it me ?
Or u found someone better?
Why so sudden ?
No more notifications from you .
It's hurt . Im tired of heartbreaks already .
U promised me sayang .
That u will always stay . But wht u do really tore my heart into pieces .
Kalau dah taknak lepaslah cara baik . Say that u dont want to be kept by me dah .
It may hurt me now but at least i know when i need to unkept you .
U left me hanging around .
Kalau dah taknak , say it now sayang , at least i could tell mak abah that im not with you anymore .
But if u still wish for this relationship ,i would love to be with you .
Ahead to the future we dreamt together .
Arguements strengthen the relationship . Yes i know , but sampai bila nak diam macam ni .
Penat .

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mekasih bagi komen! alah..tak rugi pun..farah tak caj apa2 kan?!! peacee~