You and mom


Today i would like to write about what u should do to help your mum .

Actually , i am not a very good daughter but i hope u will consider my suggestions  . * ya , if i still hve readers .. Sigh*

Firstly , wake up by your own . Yeah, kinda not cool , but by waking up by your own , you gotta help her a lot . How ? She didnt have to scream to wake u up and do the sound pollution . Mum, im just kiddin' i love you .

Next why dont u help her doin the house chores? Hello , she's doin that forever . It's fun to help her , as long as u're sincere with what u're doin .

Help her by babysitting ur little siblings . Like come on , she gave all her time to pamper you , why cant u sacrifice a little bit of yr time to free her from all the burdens? Im not sayin ur little siblings a burden , but u know sometimes they can be a disaster too . I dare to say that based on my experiences of babysitting my two monsters and luckily they're a young teenagers now . Such a great relief . Pheewww ~

Im running out of time as i need to study . Spm gotta meet me at the end of this year , so i need to be prepared . However , do remember . Your mum is everything . Make she feel that she has a very good child that she can be proud of .

Be that child .

Toodles .

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