Nadwah kepemimpinan islam

So i was selected to join kursus nadwah kepemimpinan islam with my other 9 schoolmates ,which are BADAR .

BADAR stands for badan dakwah dan rohani for sbp . Oh about the programme to be honest i was so not interested with that at first , and after a few days spending my time there , alhamdulillah i was very thankful to God for choosing me as one of the participants .

I was placed at group 9 at first which was ibnu rushdi and had trasferred to ar radzi according to the unbalanced group members . So as well as u can see the pictures , they were my teammates , my brothers and sisters .

I learnt a lot from them actually . I love the way they taught me to follow the right path , without any rejection we laughed , we ate and we played together , it's kinda nice to see all of us trying to be nice to one another .

It's also good to see how they did their dakwah without blaming others , but for sure , i miss them hahaha

We learnt to wake up early to perform our qiyammullail and it's really challenging . Masya-allah .

I'm going to miss the moment where the participants gotta rush to cop the shower nor u cant take bath and those sleepless night hahahaha

I think that's all from me . I just hope that the sayap dakwah won't stop until there only . InshaaAllah meet you again in another entry . Ehem , please excuse my bad english . Hahaha .

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