I know u gonna read this sayang , so here we go ,

It's not that i deny all your deepest feelings . U are one of my world . Never doubt that im gonna leave u .

Just do well in ur studies . Jangan fikir benda lain dah . I'll come when both of us are ready ..

I'll wait for you, and i hope u do the same sayang . Bye . Gonna miss u . :)


You found my blog eh? So here i came , when nobody would listen to me . I love writing .

Tapi cam tak best lah sebab dah jumpa diari orang . Nyampah tul . Cer tangan tu duduk je diam² takpayah belek² blog org ni . Cepuk kang , haa..


Im tired of missing u everyday .
U promised me to keep loving me then why do you change sayang?
What made u ?
Is it me ?
Or u found someone better?
Why so sudden ?
No more notifications from you .
It's hurt . Im tired of heartbreaks already .
U promised me sayang .
That u will always stay . But wht u do really tore my heart into pieces .
Kalau dah taknak lepaslah cara baik . Say that u dont want to be kept by me dah .
It may hurt me now but at least i know when i need to unkept you .
U left me hanging around .
Kalau dah taknak , say it now sayang , at least i could tell mak abah that im not with you anymore .
But if u still wish for this relationship ,i would love to be with you .
Ahead to the future we dreamt together .
Arguements strengthen the relationship . Yes i know , but sampai bila nak diam macam ni .
Penat .


Maaf . Aku bukan kau . Yang kalau tak puas hati main cakap lepas macam orang lain takde perasaan . Kadang ada juga lancang aku , silap . Tapi kalau itu yg kau sibuk canangkan . Tolong . Ambil cermin baiki diri .

Pernah kau dengar manusia tak sempurna ? Kenapa susah sangat nak hadam nak faham nak cerna . Apa kau bukan manusia ..?

Walau izharnya aku nampak kasar , keras hati , tapi aku tak mampu benci orang yg macam aku cakap . Aku tak faham kenapa kau blh tergamak jadi macam tu . Didikan apa lagi yg kurang . ? Kita belajar di skolah yang sama ,tinggal di asrama yang sama , makan di kantin dan dewan makan yang sama .. Apa lagi yg kau nak memberontak sangat ni .

Sebelum memberontak , tolong jdi berotak dulu .

Sebab kau kaya ke kau mampu sakitkan hati orang lain? Silap besar kawan . Silap besar .

Kaya tu bila bila boleh hilang.  Allah tarik . Tak doa , tapi kenyataan . Apa lagi didikan yang mak ayah kau tak bagi ? Kau nak memberontak sebab dorang sibuk ? Mak ayah orang lain pun sibuk jugak like come on lah . Contribute back to ur parents lah . Bukan sibuk rebel sana sini . Dorang kerja sbb nak besarkan kau yng macam tak makan diajar ni . Sia sia .

Ikut kaulah . Kau kan betul sentiasa . Sakitkan hati orang pun takpe . Alah , biasa lah tu . Ya . Biasa bgi kau tapi tak bagi orang lain . Jahat sangat kau ni . Berubahlah jom . Huhu .

You and mom


Today i would like to write about what u should do to help your mum .

Actually , i am not a very good daughter but i hope u will consider my suggestions  . * ya , if i still hve readers .. Sigh*

Firstly , wake up by your own . Yeah, kinda not cool , but by waking up by your own , you gotta help her a lot . How ? She didnt have to scream to wake u up and do the sound pollution . Mum, im just kiddin' i love you .

Next why dont u help her doin the house chores? Hello , she's doin that forever . It's fun to help her , as long as u're sincere with what u're doin .

Help her by babysitting ur little siblings . Like come on , she gave all her time to pamper you , why cant u sacrifice a little bit of yr time to free her from all the burdens? Im not sayin ur little siblings a burden , but u know sometimes they can be a disaster too . I dare to say that based on my experiences of babysitting my two monsters and luckily they're a young teenagers now . Such a great relief . Pheewww ~

Im running out of time as i need to study . Spm gotta meet me at the end of this year , so i need to be prepared . However , do remember . Your mum is everything . Make she feel that she has a very good child that she can be proud of .

Be that child .

Toodles .

Nadwah kepemimpinan islam

So i was selected to join kursus nadwah kepemimpinan islam with my other 9 schoolmates ,which are BADAR .

BADAR stands for badan dakwah dan rohani for sbp . Oh about the programme to be honest i was so not interested with that at first , and after a few days spending my time there , alhamdulillah i was very thankful to God for choosing me as one of the participants .

I was placed at group 9 at first which was ibnu rushdi and had trasferred to ar radzi according to the unbalanced group members . So as well as u can see the pictures , they were my teammates , my brothers and sisters .

I learnt a lot from them actually . I love the way they taught me to follow the right path , without any rejection we laughed , we ate and we played together , it's kinda nice to see all of us trying to be nice to one another .

It's also good to see how they did their dakwah without blaming others , but for sure , i miss them hahaha

We learnt to wake up early to perform our qiyammullail and it's really challenging . Masya-allah .

I'm going to miss the moment where the participants gotta rush to cop the shower nor u cant take bath and those sleepless night hahahaha

I think that's all from me . I just hope that the sayap dakwah won't stop until there only . InshaaAllah meet you again in another entry . Ehem , please excuse my bad english . Hahaha .

Dah .

Ikutlah ,
Aku dah penat dengan rentak hidup kau ,
Yang tak pernah nak hargai apa yang aku buat ,
Tak pernah nak peduli apa yang aku usahakan ,
Persahabatan yg kau takde langsung effort nak pertahankan ,
Aku nak cuba tapi kau yang lepaskan ,
Jd jgn salahkan aku yang berubah kalau perangai kau yg menyebabkan aku berubah ,
Aku penat lah bilamana kau tak pernah nak bagi aku peluang ,
Dengar cerita aku ,
Selami hati aku ,
Tak prnah ,
Kau taknak pun cuba macam mana aku cuba ,
Im tired of holding this for too long
Ni pilihan aku ,
Aku lepaskan friendship ni .
Moga kau sedar sahabat .
Kau yg mintak ni jadi .
Kbai .

Daughter's confession

May Allah grant paradise to my parents .

Thank you for showing me good examples , guide me when i did wrong , giving me education and love me for who i am . I know im not a good daughter tht both of u can be proud of , but just know tht im trying my hardest to ensure that i can give something in return , to show u that im living with ur guidance .

Dear mom and dad ,
I know that my tempered somehow hurt both of you and tore your hearts into pieces , i'm sorry . Im sorry for my ignorance , for everything i'd done before . Thank you for everything .

May allah forgive both of you and rank both of you His paradise . I love you mak , ayah .