Sekolah rendah .

So today on 8th of oct i went to my primary school . What a nostalgic place to go . Just how fast the year changes . Aku pun sekarang dah nak keluar dari sekolah menengah .

It's so touched and i nearly cried when i sang the school song 'tekad skesma' for the first time after four years . It may be clingy but i miss all of the memories .

How i used to be a clumsy yet strict headprefect . How i used to acah² gengster when my gang stepped in school canteen when we were in standard six . How i miss everything related to this school .

Seeing my artwork at the school is really priceless . I don't know how to say it but i love being there . There the place where i started my journey as a student ..

It's nice you know after four years and i cant believe the costume still exist . Maksudnya dah 4 org selepas aku pakai baju yg sama utk perbarisan . Hahaha .

And guess what maksudnya dah 4 tahun rumah kuning menang perbarisan . Hahaha

Okay thats it . Aku pun tengah exam sekarang . Pray for alfalah 27 . Ty .

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mekasih bagi komen! alah..tak rugi pun..farah tak caj apa2 kan?!! peacee~