Independence day

So well my school held a very wonderful malam ambang merdeka for the very first time in school's history and it went great . All those decorations , flags and classic people really turned the night on . Fantastic.
I could see those people who dressed so vogue according to the theme which was  'classic' in order to get the man and the lady of the night . But me . Hahahaha . Of course i object the theme and wore baju kurung moden . And i don't care at all .

There were pak imam .. Nerdy .. A kampung girl a makcik and so on . But the most interesting part is when our headprefect brought sayur in the basket .

Of course there were also flaws there . And for sure the event was spoilt by some bratty yet gross form 5 students . They sold their beverage and ice cream and making some noise .  They didn't even have some respect to the ceremony .

No matter what happened.. i love that night and may Allah bless malaysia . 

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mekasih bagi komen! alah..tak rugi pun..farah tak caj apa2 kan?!! peacee~